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The Great Blanket Banquet

Erwin Davis International (EDI) is partnering with Chattanooga area businesses and nonprofits, such as Cadence Coffee and Mustard Tree Ministries, Inc., in hosting The Great Blanket Banquet 2016 for the less fortunate community of our city.

EDI and the Great Blanket Banquet

The Great Blanket Banquet

“I want to be very sincere in my formation of this event,” stated Erwin M. Davis, II, founder and CEO of EDI. “Our goal is to show just how much Chattanooga cares about the homeless in our community and that we want them to succeed. For when they succeed, we all succeed. We need to get to know them, talk to them, and find out who they are and how they got here. There is always a solution to a problem, and I want to work with the community to spearhead a movement that is the answer to this problem. We are extending our hand to those in our Chattanooga family who are in need by offering a blanket, a conversation, and most valuable of all, a friend. The collection is not limited to just blankets. We will have secondary gifts to offer to the recipients, such as jackets, sleeping bags, socks. So, anything you have that’s in good or great condition would be an excellent gift for someone in need.”


Warm for the Holidays and #Loveyourneighbor

Mustard Tree Ministries Great Blanket Banquet


Mustard Tree has partnered with EDI and Cadence Coffee Co. as part of their Warm for Holidays drive and #Loveyourneighbor campaign.

Items may be dropped off at Cadence Coffee Co. at 11 E. 7th Street during normal business hours. The Banquet will be held at Nicos Salon in Downtown Chattanooga on December 22, 2016, from 6-9 p.m. Those joining in the event will meet at Cadence before heading out for Nicos. EDI, Cadence and Mustard Tree are looking for 75 – 100 volunteers through individuals and partner organizations to help with serving at the event. They would like to distribute 100+ blankets to the homeless community for the Christmas holiday. For more information on the event, call 423.400.9303, or to find out how you can be involved with these organizations, visit Erwin Davis International and Mustard Tree Ministries.

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