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Bee Friendly

Bee Friendly

Cheerios recently began a popular give away. In an act to help save the bee population, Cheerios began giving away free packets of wildflowers. I am a huge advocate for saving the bees! When I picnic in warm whether, I have actually gotten on to people for killing bees who are attracted to the sweet smells of a summer picnic (gently swat away, don’t kill!). So when Cheerios began giving out wild flower seed I was super on board. After I ordered my free seeds I came across this informative article.

Beeing Friendly

Even though I am an agriculturalist, it did not even cross my mind that planting certain plants in different zones could be more harmful than helpful. Some of the listed plants in the packets are great in some zones and can be a pest in other zones and because of this it can cause physical changes in bee colonies.

The article above contains links within that will direct you to what hardiness zone you live in, which determines what plants grow best where you live and it tells you what plants you can grow that would actually be more helpful and beneficial if you are interested in helping the bee friendly movement.


Personally, I will not be planting these wildflowers, instead I will be planting things I know are growable in my zone (Chattanooga is zone 7a by the way) and will be helpful to the local bees.

If you decide to plant the wildflowers from Cheerios, it would not be the worst thing in the world, just be mindful of the bees and of your zone. The more you know, the more you are aware, the better our environment will be.

– – Kathleen Kidwell, Agricultural Director



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