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Building Bridges was designed to address the growing social and economic concerns in the East Lake Courts.  As an article published on February 8, 2015,in the Times Free Press written by Yolanda Putman and Shelly Bardbury stated,  almost 1/4 of our city’s homicides occur in the Courts.  Our initiative seeks to improve the community in this area through community-based events, projects and programs.  Be sure to check back here for more information on upcoming community events and programs!



Goats Milk Products. Mustard Tree Farms is in the process of developing our own line of goats’ milk products! You won’t want to miss out on this – so be sure to stay connected with us!






Events & Fundraisers

More than Just a Cup of Coffee! It’s more than just a cup of cofee every third Friday of the month at

Cadence Coffee Co. downtown! Every third Friday, Cadence donates 10% of their overall sales directly to Mustard Tree! How cool, or uh, how hot is that?!?! You can do your part to end homelessness and poverty right here in our hometown simply by enjoying a hot cup of joe or delicious latte!






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March 2017 Vol.I Issue I

April 2017 Vol 1. Issue 2

May 2017 Vol. I Issue 3

June 2017 Vol.I Issue 4

July 2017 Vol. 1 Issue 5

August 2017 Vol. 1 Issue 6

September 2017 Vol.1 Issue 7

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