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Sustainable Farming

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Within the last few years through the support of our donors, Mustard Tree’s sphere of influence has expanded to include two farms, one of which is located in Hixson, Tennessee and another in Harrison, Tennessee. Through these farms, we employ organic sustainable farming. Sustainable farming aims to use the productivity of our farms in a manner wholely useful to our community. It is our hope to build upon our current growth and create micro-industries here and in Romania that will educate, train and employ those we serve, offering them an opportunity to embrace a healthy, whole, sustainable way of life.


Sustainable Farming

Sustainable farming allows us to use our farms in a way that is  resource-conserving, socially supportive, commercially competitive, and environmentally sound. Our commercial activities bring  a sense of identity and self-worth to those we serve. Through the produce and livestock raised on our farms we are able to offer employment opportunities in manufacturing and agriculture to those we serve, doing our part to spur  job growth and development for our community while bringing nutritious fresh produce into  impoverished areas. Our Agricultural Director hopes one day to teach poor communities how to be self-sustaining through agriculture and sustainable farming and develop economic opportunities for the least of these here and abroad in Romania and Costa Rica.  You can read more about our international missions here.

Community Activities

Youth Groups

One of things we love most about our farms is the opportunity they provide us in giving back to our community! We host all educational and youth groups. We would love to host you and your next youth group for a full day of learning and fun  on the farm! Your kids will get to see what it takes to manage and work a farm while enjoying some play time with our rabbits and goats. Be forewarned though, they may get a little dirty in the garden!


Fall on the Farm

Every year, Mustard Tree hosts our annual Fall on the Farm event where we open up our Harrison farm to the community for a fun day filled with carnival games, hayrides, a petting zoo and bouncy houses.




Contact Barry Kidwell to  learn more about how you can be a part of our work through Mustard Tree Farms.


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